when Life Requires a Guide...

Weddings. Funerals. Spiritual Discovery. Building Connections. 

Some things in life require an experienced guide to help navigate them successfully. A guide whose life and professional experience, hard-earned wisdom, and spiritual vigor are up to meeting any challenge. 

Meet Reverend Annie. Learn more about how she can help guide you through the ceremonies, milestones and spiritual journeys that can change your life. From celebrations and ceremonies to creative and spiritual epiphanies, Rev. Annie is here to help.

Rev. Annie is here to help

Retreats & Workshops

"Find out who you are and do it on purpose."
-Dolly Parton

Life Departures

“My greatest joy is accompanying those in grief, while honoring your individual faith tradition or belief, and that of your loved one.” -Rev. Annie Allen

Love Celebrations

"It's amazing how one day someone walks into your life, and suddenly, you can't remember how you lived without them."
- Anurag Prakash Ray


“In the garden of humanity, every baby is a fresh new flower.” 
-Debasish Mridha

An Inspiration To All

Annie is an inspiration to us all. She has dramatically raised our spiritual growth and the Church’s standing and visibility in the community.

AA Alycia Testimony

Alycia Desmond

Council President, Rutherford Congregational Church, UCC


My retreat led by Annie was an unforgettable experience. She helped me reconnect with my faith and see the abundance and opportunities the world has to offer.

AA Doug Smith Testimonial

Dr. Doug Smith

Possibilities Retreat Attendee

Dream Wedding

Annie helped us plan and hold the wedding we’d dreamed of. She helped identify and tackle some challenges that helped lead to smooth sailing on our big day.

AA Nayling Testimony

Nayling Vega-Becerra & Ambrosio Valencia-Romero

Wedding Celebrants

Better from Retreat

Annie’s Sabbath retreat taught me how to slow down, relax and focus. All of which has made me a better writer.

AA Kevin Testimony This One

Kevin O. Spencer

Sabbath Retreat Attendee

Treasured Spiritual Guide

Annie has baptized all three of my grandchildren, officiated the wedding of my daughter and funeralized my late husband. She is a spiritual guide that my family treasures.


Deborah Lorick

Englewood NJ

A Driving Force

Reverend Annie is a driving voice for morality, unity, and renewal in our community.

AA Dan Testimony

Dan Meredith

President, Rutherford Chamber of Commerce

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Click to contact us regarding your event, ceremony, or retreat and how Rev. Annie can facilitate excellence, clear creative hurdles. achieve closure, and celebrate love and life.

Retreats / Workshops

Our retreat gatherings create space where one can experience safety, the freedom to think out loud, and explore your spiritual path with others. Each gathering is an opportunity for you to learn, have your consciousness raised, your heart touched, and leave with an outpouring of love and hope for yourself and the world in which we live.

Retreats 2024
Possibility Retreat
Sabbath Retreat
Connection Retreat
Connecting with Nature Retreat
Creativity Workshops
Custom Retreats Available

Locations depend on the group or individuals.
Possible Retreat Locations include:
Ocean Grove Beach retreat center, Ocean Grove NJ
The Gathering Retreat Center, Lebanon NJ
Guest House Retreat Center, San Francisco CA
City Retreat, Philadelphia PA
Guest House Retreat Center, Memphis TN
Custom Accommodations in Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Trinidad, and Tobago

Custom locations and accommodations can be arranged.

Retreats can be held for a little as a half day (4 hours) to as long as a full day, weekend (2 days), or longer.

Retreat Experience: Sample Activities
Drum Circles
Sounds & Chimes
Stones of Healing
Web of Interdependence
Gifts of the Head, Hand & Heart
Nature Walks
Horse Grooming & Riding*
Preparing communal meals
Preparing your room for the next guest
*Activities dependent on location and season.

Methods Used
Guided Meditation
Centering Prayer
Small Group Guided Discussions (ORID)
Large Group Discussion – Mutual Invitation
Technologies of Participation

Retreat and Renew.

Rev. Annie is ready to lead your retreat and help your group reach the spiritual, mental, creative, and/or organizational goal(s) you've established for it.


Reverend Annie is available to officiate your ceremony, from baptisms to weddings and funerals.